strees.pngStress is a normal human reaction when we feel overwhelmed or under pressure from any situation that we have difficulty coping with. Stress can be caused by several factors such as natural disasters, violence, everyday situations, and life events. It can also happen when we misinterpret a situation, overthink, or imagine the worst-case scenario. However, to be able to cope with stress, it is important to understand the signs of stress. These signs could be physical or emotional:

Physical signs

  • Muscle tension & aches/pains
  • Rapid breathing & heart rate
  • Difficulties sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Rashes/skin irritations
  • Digestive problems

Emotional signs

  • Irritable, frustrated, angry, defensive, sensitive to criticism.
  • Worried, anxious, confused.
  • Overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless.
  • Mood swings

Thus, it is key to know how to manage stress. Below are some tips to cope with stress.

Tip 1: Adopt a healthy lifestyle and practice self-care.

Tip 2: Breathe and be mindful.

Tip 3: Reach out to people for support. Ask for help. Speak with family members or with a healthcare provider

Tip 4: Be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes, think of the best possible scenarios, and see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Tip 5: Manage your time wisely, set goals, and make to-do lists.

Tip 6: Lean on your faith. Pray, meditate, practice gratitude, or attend religious services.

Tip 7: Limit time following the news. Too much time following the news on TV and social media can increase stress.

Lastly, always think that you are meant to be where you are for good reasons. And the more you think positively, the better your life and chances will be.