In 2022, UNICEF ensured access to non-formal education services to 1,313 girls and 1,153 boys, through community centers in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Zwara, and Sabha. Non-formal education offers classes for out-of-school children who have missed critical years of education due to displacement. This service targets children of different ages who have dropped out of school to enable them to catch up on classes to re-enroll in the formal education system. They will be able to attend NFE sessions inside the Baity Center to improve basic literacy and numeracy skills. This educational support will help children achieve literacy and numeracy levels that allow them to study other subjects in Arabic in formal schools.

How to enroll in NFE?

If you wish to enroll your child in NFE programs, you should communicate with a focal point through the following numbers:

The International Rescue Committee Child Educational Services Hotline:



Where can I get more information?

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