Health Certificate.pngIssuing a health certificate in Libya is essential you will be requested to provide it in any jobs you apply for, schools, universities, and travel. This document is one of the most important legal documents that you need to issue and keep valid as long as you are living in Libya. The process for obtaining a health certificate is straightforward:

For Libyans:

  • A proof of Identity
  • Your national ID numbers.
  • ID photo
  • A fee of 50LYD

For non-Libyans:

  • A proof of Identity
  • ID photo
  • A fee of 60LYD

Once you have the list requirements above prepared, then you must visit the nearest Libya Red Crescent Clinic or national reference laboratory. You can also request an online health certificate through Tahseen.

However, if your ID is not valid, you will need to have your employer guarantee you. Thus, it is encouraged to keep your ID valid.

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