How to Obtain a Birth Certificate?.pngA birth certificate is a document that the state issues to parents, which proves that the childbirth took place. It is proof of the child's name, parents, and nationality, along with the date and place of birth. After the birth registration takes place, a birth certificate is issued, representing legal proof of the child's identity.

Registration of birth: 

The registration of children/newborns is mandatory under Libyan law. Without a birth certificate, the child cannot be added to the family's official documents, and therefore he/she cannot obtain a national number and prove his nationality. The need to have a birth certificate is one of the basic requirements for school registration. In addition, the birth certificate is the main document for the child in the future to obtain an official document such as an ID card and passport. You must register the birth of your child within ten days of his/ her birth. In this article, we will provide you with the basic information you need to know if you want to obtain a birth certificate.

Documents required:

On the authority of the Ministry of Interior website, below are the required documents to obtain a birth certificate for Libyan and non-Libyan applicants:

  • A hospital discharge form proving the birth.
  • A vaccination card for the newborn from health care.
  • Birth reporting forms from the hospital (three forms).
  • In the case of births outside the hospital, you can take the birth incident from the community health department.
  • Family status certificate.
  • The national number and personal ID of the father.
  • Photographs of the child.
  • Copies of the father’s and mother’s passports.
  • A copy of the residency certificate, and marriage contract (stamped by the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for non-Libyan applicants.

Visit to Civil Registry Office: 

At the Civil Registry Office, parents will need to submit the required documents and complete an application form for the birth certificate.

Registration of children follows the same procedure if the child is not yet one year old. However, If the child has reached the age of one year, his registration matter must be presented to a committee called the “Unregistered” Committee. This committee meets every year to review the applications for the registration of children who have reached the age of one year and have not yet been registered. 


However, Fees vary depending on the case. For those under one year old (free for Libyans and 21 dinars for foreigners). Those over one year should pay 50 LYD, whether they are Libyans or non-Libyans.

As for the location, the civil registry for foreigners is located on Al-Baladiya Street in Tripoli, if the child is under a year old. However, if the child is over one year old, he/she must go to the unregistered committee, which is held at the civil registry in Al-Daribi, next to the industrial district police station in Tripoli.

For people residing outside of Tripoli please visit the nearest Civil Registration Office for further information.

Issuing a birth certificate in Libya is a crucial process that provides legal recognition of a person's birth and identity. By following the necessary steps outlined by the Civil Registry Office and ensuring all required documents are submitted accurately, parents can obtain a birth certificate for their child, enabling access to various rights and services in the country.