Having a driving license in Libya is very important since this document can be used as an official proof of identity besides it is the purpose of allowing its holder to drive inside the country and other neighboring countries. To issue a driving license for non-Libyan applicants, it is important to have a residency permit along with the passport which should be valid for a period not less than 6 months. If you already have a driving license from your country of citizenship, you can easily issue a Libyan license.

You can use this article to learn more about:

  • How to get a driving license
  • How to renew your driving license

How to get a driving license

The required documentation for issuing a driving license for Libyan and non-Libyan citizens:

  • Valid residency and Passport not less than 6 months
  • Electronic copy of the birth certificate including national ID number
  • Criminal record certificate
  • 4 ID photos
  • Fee of 21 LYD
  • Blood test indicating blood type

The renewal of the driving license

  • The license to be renewed
  • 4 ID photos 
  • Traffic violation clearance certificate 
  • Eyesight test 
  • Pay half of the fee of (15) LYD 

Lastly, you present all the above documents to the nearest driving license office. There they will look at your documents and then give you an application form after you pass the optics test. You should be present at the office on Sunday or Monday for the medical test. It will normally take 2-3 working days to issue the driver's license.

Happy driving!